about us


SOLTECH NV is a Belgian company with its manufacturing site in Tienen. It was founded in 1989 as a spin-off from imec and became a pioneer in the field of solar panels or photovoltaics (PV). In 1989, we were already designing stand-alone photovoltaic systems. Twenty years ago, we reached a milestone with the construction of the first grid-connected photovoltaic roof in Belgium.

Our primary focus is on innovation. This enables us to produce custom-made solar panels and panels with greater added value. We create customised photovoltaic modules for specific architectural applications – such as roof tiles, canopies, window glass or noise barriers – as well as modules that are used in vehicle-integrated photovoltaics (VIPV).

Our highly flexible production line is a valuable asset that allows for a mix of R&D, product development, prototyping and dedicated manufacturing. In addition to R&D and early stage prototyping, SOLTECH has gained recognition across Europe as the partner of choice for the upscaling and early phase production of innovative photovoltaic module technologies.


Systems with Added Aesthetic Value for Your Building

Our semi-transparent modules, custom-built for your projects, in twin-glass or glass-tedlar versions, not only provide energy but also enhance the aesthetics of your building. You are opting for a product that is both a source of energy and meets the technical requirements of building components, in accordance with building standards.

Design for Autonomous Photovoltaic Systems

For the design of autonomous photovoltaic systems, our engineers are at your disposal. The examples are numerous these days. Our photovoltaic modules have been integrated in stand-alone parking meters and zone 30 traffic signs, in various countries throughout Europe and North America. Our most robust models can be found on sea buoys or in telecommunications systems. Specifically for developing countries, we manufacture photovoltaic systems for water pumps, refrigerators and the most rural pharmacies.

Design for Customised Photovoltaic Solutions

Do you have a photovoltaic product development project? Our people have the experience and know-how to study its feasibility and define its characteristics. If the specifications of your project are finalised, you can count on us for the manufacture of both the prototypes and the series.

Functional R&D to Implement Laboratory Research

The research activities focus on testing of any new materials considered for use in photovoltaic panels, the interconnection and lamination of solar cells with all kinds of materials in function of the requested application. We cooperate with research institutes, including IMEC, UHasselt, KULeuven and with innovative industrial partners.



Your Project Charged with Energy

Whatever your project, Soltech will charge it with energy. Stand alone or connected to the grid. With ‘a touch of Soltech’ your project swiftly becomes a sustainable reference in its field.